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While women also do the same thing with “bad boys” and “good guys,” as you mature, some folks begin to realize that those labels are nothing more than overly-simplified BS, but it’s actually alarming how many people hold on to these theories well into their adulthood.

What may be more shocking is that these reductive binary profiles aren’t just propagated by the opposite sex, but also very much by their own gender.

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Mlapit lang kami sa starmall Wala naman akong naramdaman o nakitang kakaiba Kagabi nag Punta kami sa starmall sabi sakin manood daw kame ng sementero pero sabi mall na dating sementeryo ayoko pero ung cellphone ko habang hawak ko nag on or off pag hawak ko tinatago ko nalang atsaka parang may humawak mall na dating sementeryo cold hands.

Napasok ako dyan noong galing ako sa PNR Alabang Station.

Remember the incredible opening of Ninja Assassin, which ended when the blood splatter becomes the title you knew it was coming, but you clapped anyway!

But when you’re young and dumb—which most of us either are or have been—it’s common to subscribe to the gendered notions of “good” and “bad.” A lot of immature dudes talk about wanting to have fun with “bad girls,” but settling down with a “good girl” which is more than just an individually perceived conception, but rather a very specific set of physical and mental attributes and lifestyle choices.

It may be psychic, nightmares, paranormal activities, haunted houses pictures, videos and other form of unearthly events. The Ozone Disco The Ozone Disco at one time was a trendy hotspot disco in Quezon City that caught on fire.Top haunted Houses in Philippines Kawawa mall na dating sementeryo si Junjun.Lagi na lang syang bida sa mga ghost story na batang multo Naalala ko noon bago itayo yung Metropolis Alabang sinunog nila yung ibang patay na hindi kinuha ng kamag anak hehe buhay pa yung kulungan sa gitna ng Tulay kaya may Multo doon ang baho nga eh habang sinusunog!!There were two things I had yet to realize in my immaturity: The more I grew up and started to recognize that the box I created for “good guys” was completely foolish, the more I realized that being “good” is about how you treat your significant other.While being “good” is subjective, being a good partner—and therefore a good man—isn’t.

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I experienced this the other day when I was talking to some young male college kids about dating.

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