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I reflected on the spirit of October, "spookiness," from a party in a converted classroom at PS1, with the attendant hellish high school flashbacks.Specifically, this took me back to the planetarium in Terre Haute, Indiana, where I first learned of constellations (and where someone took me on a suss date to see a Pink Floyd laser show), rather than from the sky itself.It was discovered by the French astronomer, Nicolas Louis de Lacaille in 1752 during a trip to the Cape of Good Hope.He named it after a navigational tool, the octant, or the octant de reflexion (the reflecting octant), the precursor to the sextant.ESA will also design the Service Module segment of the Orion MPCV.“I can summarize this ministerial council by say it was a success…I once rowed way north through the thousand islands of northern Canada and spent a week on an island in absolute solitude, except for some moose. A small and faint constellation, Pyxis Nautica lies on the plane of the Milky Way.Because of the meaning of its name, I picked a few books about navigating and orientating self in this big blue/green earth we live on.

This year, we've tried to take it literally - after all, what's not to like about stars - starfish, Star Wars, big Hollywood stars, starred But really though, when we started thinking about it, we're all just lonely individual stars that work best in constellation with each other.

And though tomorrow’s launch is uncrewed, the Orion Command Module will one day form the core of NASA’s Orion MPCV Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle and is slated to care out humanity’s first mission to an asteroid and beyond in the next decade.

But a second, lesser known launch also leaves Earth tomorrow as well, atop a rocket that will soon give way to a new generation of lift boosters as launch services vie for new customers.

A new generation of space rockets ready to lift new and exciting payloads spaceward is coming to a sky near you.

Tomorrow, a Delta IV Heavy rocket will boost the Orion space capsule on a two orbit journey around the Earth that will test key systems.

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