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i’m making a hardy trail mix for our upcoming tour post Thanksgiving. including a New Years Eve event with our old homies and restauranteurs Murder By Death.

Thanks: Here's one way to generate all intermediate dates (in my SQL format) between any 2 dates.Get start and end dates from user input, you'd need to do the basic validations that : - start and end dates are valid dates - start date This is another function to calculate the difference between two times and output it in a relative format. In other words, it will return "3 days, 2 hours, 6 minutes, and 2 seconds ago" instead of "3 days ago."Please bear in mind that it is intended for times that are very close together.It will not be accurate for calculating dates more than a month apart. moving in for the perfect shot after brekky a few years ago.found this one floating around and thought it was funny.

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