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Emotional Procrastination: A Cumulative Effect Take the situation of receiving a communication request. You’ll put it off until the weekend until you can find a stretch of time to focus your attention on communicating with them. At this point, your match may start to assume that your silence is an indication that you’re just not that interested in even exchanging the most basic and noncommittal questions and answers.

There is no need to play games or play hard-to-get.If she has alot of emails to read then she may read them all at once and then start at the beginning to start replying. *no* hopes/expectations is the way to look at things. the nice thing about online dating is its easy to have multiple things going on at once.girls like the one you mentioned i tend to just forget about and move on to the next one down the line.I've had enough bad experiences to read red flags, and I'm think of just shutting the door on this girl, despite my high interest and what I "think" is a good conneciton. Would it be a bad move to just ignore/block her and move on?I think it's cool she take a couple of days to think about what she wants to say to you. Maybe you would feel different about what you may write 2 days get much interest or think there is a good connection before youve met in person.

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