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if an earlier order is present, the later orders would not inherit) in orders : • Father (whole in the absence of anybody in class I) • Son’s daughter’s son; son’s daughter’s daughter, Brother, Sister ( all in equal proportion) • Daughter’s son’s son, daughter’s son’s daughter, daughter’s daughter’s son, daughter’s daughter’s daughter (equally) • Brother’s son, brother’s daughter, sister’s son and sister’s daughter • Father’s father, Father’s mother (equally) • Father’s widow, brother’s widow • Father’s brother, Father’s sister • Mother’s father, mother’s mother • Mother’s brother, mother’s sister If the deceased is a female Hindu dying intestate: A: Sons (1 share each), Daughters (1 share each), husband (1 share), son and daughter of predeceased son (equally together 1 share), son and daughter of predeceased daughter (equally together I share).B: Heirs of Husband Entry C: Father and Mother Entry D: Father’ shier E: Heir’s of the mother If the deceased is a Muslim: Muslim communities in India predominantly follow Hanafi law, but in some locations follow Shia law.Only Muslim inheritance laws have a reserved portion in India.Except for the Muslim laws of inheritance, which require at least 2/3 of the deceased’s property to be inherited by the line of succession and allow up to 1/3 to be settled by testamentary succession, India’s other inheritance laws do not have any reserved portion, i.e.Our father left behind one residential complex, one commercial complex, substantial cash balance, shares and other household items utensils etc. I want to know the method of dividing whether on the basis of mothers(50% for me and the balance50% for my 2 step brothers ) or equelly among us. Sorry if I am sounding a little persistant but would like a reply on my query Are civil laws being introduced in India? Now we all want to transfer our home on the name of my mother which was on the of my father but he died and there is Will for the Home.

If the deceased is a Christian or married under the Special Marriage Act (for inter-religious marriage): Where lineal descendant is present: Widow / widower – 1/3 of the property Lineal descendants – equally to share 2/3.

In case there is none in the class I schedule, the property shall go to the class II based order.

The earlier order is preferred over the later, (i.e.

After my grandmother's demise he wanted to make property in his name which is not happening as the landlord is saying there are may complications and demanding money . Need to know what to do as my father is also not keeping to well .

Dear Sir, My Grand Father was died long ago without writing any will and my Grand Mother was also died.

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