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"Think about how many people would have to keep that secret for years."TIGHAR has made several expeditions to Nikumaroro, which was formerly known as Gardner Island, in the Pacific, where he believes he has found evidence that Earhart and Noonan crashed there and became castaways.

TIGHAR is currently wrapping up an expedition on Nikumaroro to find human remains with National Geographic and forensic cadaver dogs.

"We are trying to find any surviving human remains to get DNA."TIGHAR is also searching for the remains of Earhart's plane, which Gillespie maintains are in an area of steep coral reef that makes searching difficult.

Become a part of America’s “fourth arm of defense” – the Merchant Marine.

They thought the distress calls were a hoax and surmised that the plane crashed into the ocean, he said.

Three years after Earhart disappeared, the British established a colony on the island and discovered the partial skeleton of a castaway.

As you work among this community, you can expect to be at sea during your time on duty. Each year, the Merchant Marine Academy selects 275 young men and women for entry. Each year, the Merchant Marine Academy selects 275 young men and women for entry. Merchant Marine Academy requires more credit hours for a baccalaureate degree than any other Federal service academy.

They secretly sent the bones and the sextant to them and misidentified them, and the bones were thrown away.

Gillespie said TIGHAR has found the original documents in an archive in London, and they found the grave on the island."We've examined it archaeologically, and we are finding artifacts that speak to an American woman in the 1930s," Gillespie said.

Third Mate — The junior Officer of the ship is usually the safety Officer.

Third Mate is also responsible for firefighting equipment, lifeboats and emergency systems and is in charge of a (bridge or cargo) watch.

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They serve in traditional positions on civilian ships everywhere from oceans and lakes to inland rivers. Chief Mate — Head the deck department on a merchant vessel and serve as second in command.

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