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With Severus risking his life spying on Voldemort once again, Sirius and his friends and allies intend to make the most of the information he gains. It's basically the same as the books but it's set around this time so they have phones and they love memes. Swearing, blood, gore, adult themes and sexual situations will happen.

In Particular, the face of a certain Weasley that she finds herself slowly falling for.

That manager needed to use her authority to put a stop to something offensive, and so do you.

You don’t need to talk anyone into behaving respectfully; you need to tell them that it’s not optional.

Almost totally different to canon now, except that Dumbles is still manipulative and intent on making Harry a martyr, whether he's a Horcrux or not. Despite her search to return home to her time, she is forced to relive her last years at Hogwarts and the War that she knows will claim the faces that now haunt her.

The year is not going to be as smooth as everyone wants, though, with an unexpected creature inheritance and new powers for someone, and teenage hormones really messing up the emotions of every one of the trio and their friends.~~~~~Book four of my series rewrite, with more tasks and champions as promised. It is un-betaed, so I'll be happy for any gramatical errors that's pointed out. In what was supposed to be her first ski trip since the war, Hermione wakes up from an avalanche to find herself back in time.

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I had a conversation today with one team member about this, and she informed me that unless she’s told by the person with the nickname that she “only wants to be called by her other name,” she will continue to use the nickname when speaking about her to coworkers or clients, or directly to her.

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