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While forbidden by religion and law, same-sex activity is reported in Yemen (Jenkins and Robalino 2003), with these same men having unprotected sex with women serving as the epidemiological bridge to the wider population (UNAIDS 2004b).

Finally, WHO (2003) estimates that 70–90% of adult males, 30–50% of adult females and 15–20% of children under 12 consume khat daily.

Gulf nationals also come to Yemen to take advantage of a lower priced sex trade due to poverty, desperation and lack of education (Al-Masmari 2005).

Sex workers in the capital reflect the economic poverty and disintegrating social order (Jenkins and Robalino 2003). The International Monetary Fund (2002) identifies Yemen's main issues as its high population growth, poverty, illiteracy, poor school enrolment, poor health coverage and growing water scarcity.

While Islamic guidance is part of HIV education, the reality is that individuals cannot and do not always act morally (Hasnain 2005).

(1) Ensured political commitment for HIV/AIDS and STIs prevention and care(2) Infection surveillance and behaviour studies(3) Bio-safety and blood transfusion(4) Behaviour change initiatives including male and female condom use(5) Psychological support and human rights for people living with HIV/AIDS and their families(6) Medical management of HIV/AIDS and STIs(7) High risk and vulnerable groups(8) Institutional capacity development, civil society and private sector participation Dr Fawzia, the Program Manager of the National STD and HIV/AIDS Program (interview by author, July 2005), explains that the National Strategic Framework is firmly supported by the Yemeni government and raises no moral dilemmas.Most of Yemen's population is rural, and only 30% of the rural population has access to local health services (Jenkins and Robalino 2003) making HIV a low priority, especially when other concerns can be more immediately fatal.Khattab (2005) discusses women's vulnerability in the Middle East region, given that the majority of AIDS cases are in the 20–39 year age group, with the highest levels in the 20–24 year group.This plant leaf, legal to consume, is a classified drug.Up to 50% of household incomes are diverted to khat purchases (WHO 2003).

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