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Emperor Shōmu had been forced to move the capital four times, indicating the level of instability during this period.

According to legend, the monk Gyoki went to Ise Grand Shrine to reconcile Shinto with Buddhism, spending seven days and nights reciting sutras until the oracle declared Vairocana Buddha compatible with worship of the sun goddess Amaterasu.

Japanese Buddhism during this time still maintained the lineage of the Vinaya and all officially licensed monks had to take their ordination under the Vinaya at Tōdai-ji.

In 754, ordination was given by Ganjin, who arrived in Japan after overcoming hardships over 12 years and six attempts of crossing the sea from China, to Empress Kōken, former Emperor Shōmu and others.

Place: Sony Building 2-C Access This store is a happy place for those who like to upgrade their stationary.Kabuki-za theatre is an iconic symbol of Ginza, and is one of the biggest Kabuki theatres in all of Japan.Place: Kabuki-za theater 4-D Access These are only a few things that you can do in Ginza, but this place offers more things that one can do in a day.The beginning of building a temple where the Tōdai-ji complex sits today can be dated to 728, when Emperor Shōmu established Kinshōsen-ji (金鐘山寺) as an appeasement for Prince Motoi (ja:基王), his first son with his Fujiwara clan consort Kōmyōshi. During the Tenpyō era, Japan suffered from a series of disasters and epidemics.It was after experiencing these problems that Emperor Shōmu issued an edict in 741 to promote the construction of provincial temples throughout the nation.

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Ginza is also well known as the biggest shopping district that offers high-end branded products.

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