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Given that it takes about an hour or so to take Silas through his day, I don't mind that I can't do much with the size of the game window like I would've been able to do with the games I download on Steam.And if an hour seems short, don't worry, there are multiple endings including some "secret" ones to discover.One hour can easily become several if this is your kind of game.Given that this was the effort of a very small group of people (Studio Knockout currently consists of five people, according to the website), I felt the game showed high production values, despite being short.For example: I am well aware that Waiting For Godot is referenced so often these days that everyone knows what it is even though I suspect not very many of us have actually read the script or watched it performed. That doesn't stop me from grinning at the reference every time someone makes it. Specifically, some of the things you usually can do with a game, like minimizing it to the taskbar or closing it with the X in the corner, will crash it.I also found that using Alt Enter to change the size of the window more than once in a short period of time usually crashed the game unless it was still on the title screen.

Take Puppy Love, the debut game from Studio Knockout (if you don't count a demo game they made called El Phoxxxo Goes To School).

The RPG Maker series is very popular, but there are others.

Recently, a game being developed in Fighter Maker became notorious for including characters owned by Hasbro (and was subsequently shut down by lawyers).

In fact, not only is the art of the game a joy to behold, the dialogue is pretty decent, too. In fact, some of the glitches can be blamed on the engine used for the game.

I found myself grinning giddily every time I got one of the pop-culture references. According to Studio Knockout, the software they used was still in beta, so it is a little crashy.

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In fact, I consider the opening cinematic (screen shot above) to be a lot better than some of the opening cinematics in many of the DS and PSP games I've played recently.

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