Dating someone with anorexia

Boy do i waffle on lol n e way back to the thread i dunno about her but skinny is always a good thing i my university, there is hardly a toilet in it that does not have vomit in any given loo any time of the day. having worked with adolescent anorexics, i can say that it is an extreme condition and extremely complex and i would imagine that there is not much (as a voyeur) you or the gym can do to help or prevent the situation.if you approach her, you will confirm her feelings of self disgust and many many more i wont go into now, if the management bar her, she will seek somewhere much time do you have in your life????I don't know how long she works out for, she's there when I arrive, & still there when I leave.Her complexion is pasty, & she looks generally very unwell. If there's vomit in the bins she could be bulimic (spelling? Whichever one it is they are the most destructive diseases as I believe no matter how much weight they lose they still see themselves as fat.

I really dont think anything you will say will make any difference, as I know it didnt make any difference to me - only I sorted myself out!! I just hope she sorts hereself out before her heart suffers, as thats what is under strain!

Anorexia is a selfish illness, and by the time it's got to 'too far' the sufferer is mentally incapable (due to lack of certain vital minerals and proteins feeding the brain) of rationalising or seeing themselves for how they really look.

Erm what about just stating you want someone slim instead of seeking out someone with a mental health condition and eating disorder or do you have some fetish about women who are starving themselves with sticky out bones, they aren't just slim they are ILL!!

MSG 17..just started your own thread, which was immediately voted off and deleted, with exactly the same post...apart from signing off as Michael..make your mind up what your name is tonight?

My advise would be to find out as much as you can about the support available for anorexia/bulimia and as much as you can about the disease then talk to the girl.

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