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This extensive reef system extends up to 5 miles from the harbour at St Georges to the southernmost aspect of the island and offers a number of enjoyable dives.

The upper reef with its rolling topography is home to Lobster, Spotted Moray eels, trunkfish and often a passing green or hawksbill turtle.

From its start point in the shallows, the dive follows a gently sloping sandy channel down to an open sandy patch bordered by a reef of plate coral.

Ripley Bullen did the first archaeological survey of Grenada, in which he identified cultures that pre-date the appearance of the Taíno in the northern Caribbean. Saladoid peoples here specialized in the manufacture of lithic (stone) beads, some of which were used in inter-island trade. The Suazoid label that is applied to all similar cultures in the Caribbean takes its name from the type-site of Savannah Suazey located in Grenada.This gently sloping reef offers a relaxed dive and an opportunity to observe frequent cleaning stations staffed by cleaner wrasse, Neon gobies and Pederson cleaner shrimp.It is also a good site for Spotted Moray eels and a riot of smaller reef fish including Blue Chromis, Squirrel fish, Parrot fish and a range of Butterfly fish.Further along the reef, a series of sandy valleys demarcate the reef and an enormous Green Moray makes his home.Amongst the plate coral look out for large crab and Banded Coral shrimp.

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