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It’s akin to watching the same mid-90s after-school special starring the same self-destructive, post-teenage/pre-adult actress on repeat and expecting a vastly different ending with each new viewing. After every breakup, we swear to the great goddess up above we'll never again allow ourselves to be lured into the toxic lifestyle of negative relationships. She's hungry for validation and will do just about to be seen and noticed (and loved) by the masses.The ending is always the same: Girl ends up alone, contemplating her doomed fate whilst stewing in her broken thoughts on the lonely front stoop with her head pressed in her hands, pondering how she let herself get lost in the thick smoke of a damaged relationship, Sound painfully familiar? As she emerges into adulthood, she finds herself in relationships that directly mirror the dynamic she had with her parents.The deserving men and women who think we hung on the moon and support us through the good and the bad?If we could let go of the past, change the way in which we frame relationships and look at them with a fresh set of eyes, could we actually have a shot at a romantic success?What is the ever-toxic draw, the undeniably apparent, seemingly magnetic attraction we have toward people whom we intellectually understand are inherently BAD for our mental health? You know, the girl who grew up with emotionally vacant parents who put everything and anything before their daughter?Why do we find ourselves paralyzed, stagnant and stuck in the same tired, old story over and over and over again? She grows up with shaky confidence, always feeling widely invisible, regardless of the massive amount of attention she receives from her peers by the incessant flaunting of her sexuality and beauty.Has it somehow seeped into our subconscious that the image of love is the vision of destruction?Why is it so hard to shake this deep-seated sensation that love pain, even though, as educated, intelligent adults, we know it’s not true?

The sad truth is we can’t force a person to love us because love is organic.The abuse may be terrible, but the promises and generosity of the honeymoon phase give the victim the false belief that everything will be all right. Domestic Violence in the Suburbs What is Domestic Violence?Bad boys wreak havoc on our lives, our bodies and our brains.So as long as she is searching for love in the one who is loveless, she will forever feel like the hyper-ignored, invisible girl.So why oh why do we girls chase after the things that only trigger the demons from our past?

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She did everything she could to avoid falling into the intoxicated pitfalls of her parents, yet she keeps finding herself in romantic relationships with addicts.

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