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This is the 3rd set of security cameras I've owned and used.The first two sets were so inconvenient, expensive and useless that I didn't think I'd ever bother with another set. All my cameras came brand new and there wasn't a scratch on anything.The Arlo HD security system is a welcome revolution in affordable, effective home security. This set of security cameras is very easy to install and use.The picture quality is among the best in all security cameras.This is a huge improvement over others I've used.Who wants to waste hours worth of recording space on nothing.INSTALLATION: There is a base and three cameras in the package with all accessories.The base is an Access Point for cameras, use 802.11N protocol.

This could literally not be an easier system to use.

You'll want to have a GOOD internet connection.

I get about 24 mbps on the average and it works really well.

I did not have to buy a single wire or plug or SUBSCRIPTION.

It took about 5 minutes to unpack and read the instructions, which are very clear and easy to follow. I followed the set up instructions and bam, I was able to set everything up on the first try with zero hassle.

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When motion is detected there is a red light that flashes on the camera. Anyone coming onto my property can clearly see that they are being recorded. There are different settings for everything from motion sensitivity to rules you set regarding how the system uses the data it records and how it records.

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